EnergyNova’s Technology

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future due to its high energy content and its abundance in the form of water. EnergyNova uses our technology to harness the high energy of hydrogen and make it safe and easy for everyone to use. This energy from hydrogen can be used in many ways such as extending the flight time of commercial drones, power long military operations and portable off-grid/backup power source. At the moment, EnergyNova puts more focus on the commercial drones industry because the market will be huge. It is predicted to reach USD127 Billion by 2021. We have developed a simple and compact hydrogen generation on-demand system which we call H2Batt. The chemistry is simple: simply adding water to our proprietary powder formula to generate hydrogen on-demand in a controlled manner. The generation of hydrogen on-demand is crucial because, in this way, the pressure will be low and will be safe for everyone to use. A lot of thoughts went into creating such a safe and simple system and we have applied for 11 patents, of which 6 are granted, in this respect.

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