Advantages of EnergyNova's H2Batt

Harnessing the high energy of hydrogen

  • Pollution Free

    Hydrogen is a clean alternative energy solution where the only tailpipe emission is water.

  • Smaller & Lighter

    Our solution generates hydrogen from a canister the similar size as a Coca Cola can, greatly increases the portability.

  • Safer

    H2Batt operates at a much lower pressure of 2 bar, 100 times lower than compressed tanks.

  • Energy Efficient

    H2Batt contains 3 times the energy than a same size and weight Li-ion battery.

  • Easy to use

    H2Batt is a simple, plug and play system. Plug in a cartridge when you need electricity and replace it's done.

  • Cost Effective

    One H2Batt outperforms 3 Li-ion batteries, much lesser downtime and no charging time wasted.

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