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EnergyNova designs and manufactures long-lasting, hydrogen-based batteries that can be used in a wide range of consumer applications. From supporting up to 4 hours of drone flights that maximize your drone flying experience, to off-grid usage where you have no access to power plugs to recharge whatever devices you have. Furthermore, the unique properties of our hydrogen fuel ensure that our batteries can still operate even after long term storage of more than 5 years, ideal as a backup power source for emergency situations. Our batteries neither contains heavy metals or toxic chemicals nor combustible upon exposure to the environment, making it safe for you to bring it with you on your next nature exploration.


Off-grid exploration often requires you to have enough energy to power all the devices you need to make the exploration a success. Our high energy density batteries can do just that, even under extreme temperatures.


Our hydrogen-based batteries can last up to 5 times more than the current Li-ion batteries to give you maximum flying time to last the distance, without compromising the experience.


The rigors of military operations means that any batteries worn on a soldier has to be safe even when they are damaged. Unlike Li-ion batteries, our batteries are total harmless and do not burst into flames when exposed to the environment.


Our batteries can be stored almost indefinitely without the risk of degradation or self-discharge, ideal to be used as a backup power for various applications such as base stations.


In emergency situations, rechargeable batteries simply do not fit the bill as there are no power sockets for additional recharges. Instead, our batteries will perform the tasks perfectly by providing higher energy at the same weight and size than that of the Li-ion batteries.


Our batteries ensure that the robots spend the bulk of their time working and contributing instead of plugged to a wall socket to recharge their batteries. Changing our batteries will only takes less than 1 minute and the robots will be up and running in no time.